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Vaillant Condensing Boiler 24/28 kW

Vaillant Condensing Boiler 24/28 kW

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Wall-mounted condensing boiler VAILLANT ecoTEC intro VMW 24/28 AS/1-1 (H-IT) for heating and domestic hot water production. Small size and simple installation; low consumption and good energy efficiency (class A).


  • Type: condensing.
  • Assembly: both internal and external.
  • Heating power: 24 kW.
  • DHW power: 28 kW.
  • DHW thermal regulation: 35-55 C°.
  • Touch screen interface.
  • Withdrawal range: 11.5.
  • Fuel: methane.
  • Energy class R: A.
  • DHW energy class: A.
  • Dimensions: 626x400x270 mm (HxWxD).
  • Weight: 25kg
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