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Pellet stove Ctl Model Laila 10 kw

Pellet stove Ctl Model Laila 10 kw

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Everything you could ask for from an air heater.

10 kW of power and the possibility of being ducted to bring heat to other rooms too.

A design that makes it slim and well integrated with the furniture.

Front-opening wooden doors with a modern and attractive design.

Small, powerful, versatile, elegant and with the innovative glass that turns the entire "fire view" panel red, generating the emotion of an even more lively fire

Also available in the ducted version.

Possibility to choose whether to have a top, side or rear smoke outlet;

Equipped with stainless steel hot air exchanger.

 Layla is also certified with 4 STARS , i.e. it guarantees a reduction in fine dust by 70% compared to non-certified stoves.


  • Ash drawer
  • Display with programmable functions
  • Thermostat
  • Power regulation
  • Ventilation
  • Environment probe
  • Cast iron brazier
  • Glass Cleaning Air Flow (Air Curtain)
  • Remote control
  • Ceramic candle
  • H 109.5 cm W 82 cm D 30 cm
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